Huwebes, Marso 24, 2011

Software Farm International Inc Accounting Software and Invetory System

Hi, We are Software Farm International Inc. Our locally developed software products are ASYST accounting system (Sales/Purchasing/Inventory/Account Payable/Account Receivable/General Ledger) and point of sales system. We are located in Richmonde Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila.


1. Sales Module
·         Quotation
·         Sales Order
·         Delivery and Returns
·         Service Job Order
·         Consignment/Outright/Concessionaire reports
2. Purchase Module
·         Purchase Requisition
·         Purchase Order
·         Receiving and Returns
3. Inventory Module
·         Lost/Found/Damage/Promotion Tracking
·         Physical Counting
·         Transfer
·         Issuance
·         Assembly/Disassembly/Conversion
·         Multiple warehouse and multiple branches capability
·         Minimum-Maximum System monitoring
4. Accounts Payable Module
·         Supplier Credit Memo
·         Supplier Debit Memo
·         Vouchers
·         Supplier Account Jacket
·         Expense Reports
·         Stock Card/ Stock Position/ Stock Flow/ Stock Replenishment Reports
5. Accounts Receivable Module
·         Customer Debit Memo
·         Customer Credit Memo
·         Collections
·         Deposits
·         Collection Schedule
·         Summary and Detail of AR w/ Aging Report
·         Statement of Account
6. General Ledger Module
·         Bank Reconciliation
·         Journal Entry
·         Fixed Assets Management
·         Financial statement reports: Income Statement/Balance Sheet/Trial Balance
·         Cash Position/ Cash Balance Report
B.     POINT OF SALE SYSTEM (Software only)
·         For branch stores, retail stores, boutiques etc.

If you are interested on our software products, please state what specific solutions you’re mostly interested in or you may call directly 09228775373. Thanks for reading.

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