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About Us

Formed in January 1993, Software FarmInternational, Inc.’s ASYST Accounting Software is a complete computer systems provider in Philippines. To design, develop, distribute and deliver high quality industry-specific financial accounting business management solutions, while creating healthy returns for the both the client and the stakeholders is our company’s collective mission. In Philippines, whether you are in the retail, distribution, trading, manufacturing, property management or finance sector, we have the right accounting software solution for you. What makes SFI Philippines unique from our competitors is the way we create and market our products. Since SFI Philippines designs and develops its own core products, we have the option to modify and re-engineer the accounting system to fit any requirements requested by the clients. We therefore have the flexibility to sell our accounting software products in Philippines as an off-the-shelf system, letting our clients start implementation from the moment they purchase the product. At the same time, we can give the clients a tremendous advantage of “customizing” the ASYST accounting system, to include features inherently needed in doing business in their field now or in the near future. With SFI Philippines, gone are the days that you need to maintain a whole IT department that would take months and even years, to develop an Accounting system/software that will fit your operations. You need not worry that your computerization efforts will all go to waste, when your IT staff or freelance developer decides to move to another company or country. Gone are the days where you’ve invested thousands, and even millions of pesos, just to figure out that your system cannot be modified to handle some critical aspects of your company operations. With our accounting software, we have truly combined all the advantages and taken out all the disadvantages of dealing with freelance programmers, in-house developers, off-the-shelf products, and multi-million foreign based systems.

Our Products:
WINSTOCKSS is the leading provider of backroom Accounting Software for the Philippine Stock Exchange in the country today. From the stock order transaction at the trading floor to the financial reports generated for management, the Philippine Stock Exchange and Security Exchange Commission, WinStockSS covers all your backroom system requirement needs! 

ASYST accounting software goes beyond accounting with its six powerful modules, Sales, Purchase, A/R, A/P, Inventory and General Ledger. It is a perfect management tool for the trading and distribution sectors, which can provide you an overall view of your company’s operation and financial performance. Being a Philippine based/developed accounting software solution, it has been and can still be further customized to fit your industry-specific needs. ASYST provides an in-depth solution to Cost Management, Inventory Management, Billing, Customer/Supplier Account Management. ASYST Accounting Software is more than just Accounting.

FIRST (Fully Integrated Retail System) is SFI’s Retail System package. It enables different branches and warehouses to manage and control their own Sales and Inventory transactions and still be able to centralize and consolidate information to their Central Accounting software. The combination of FIRST and ASYST accounting software offers the immediate identification of the company’s over-all financial standing in additional to the per-branch profitability breakdown. FIRST is the perfect managing solution for multi-branch retailers in Philippines.

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How to contact us:
Software Farm International Inc.
Suite 608 Richmonde Plaza, 21 San Miguel Ave, cor. Lourdes St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
Telephone Number: 63-02-6870602
Fax Number: 63-02-6870620
Mobile: +639228775373


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